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The Best Kites to Buy this summer! + Kite Loop Video!
After 3 awesome weekends of Kiteboarding in a row on Orewa Beach I finally managed to film some action of the new 2009 BEST Nemesis.
Riders have been absolutely loving this new kite. The Twister Tech and Cuben leading edge technology make it a real sporty kite to fly. It's just so much fun. Watch the video and see.Here is a bit of action filmed the last windy weekend in November on Orewa Beach. 
Video at Orewa Beach.Sunday November 16th 2008
This weekend was a great weekend for lessons and also for riders to try the 2009 BEST NEMESIS HP 12m. I only filmed for about 10 mins to give you an idea of the conditions ANABATIC Kiteboarding enjoys here in Auckland.
Alex Shogren and Kristin Boese named 2 of the 10 Most Influential People in the History of KiteboardingBest riders of course!Alex Shogren (Founder) and Kristin Boese (Womans World Champ)
Both named 2 of the 10 Most Influential People in the History of Kiteboarding

The May 2009 issue of Kiteboarding magazine is a Special 10 year Anniversary Issue, which showcases the magazine's top moments over the past 10 years ... best photos, biggest milestones, top tricks, and of course, a list of 10 of the most influential people in the history of kiteboarding.
Dear Best - ive only been kiting 4 mos and everyone sez im gonna be pro soon but im only 16 and cant afford kites. you really shud make me a team rider becuase i really luuuuuuuuv kiting and know i can make it big with your help email me back asap and tell me how many kites i can have!!!!!'
No more retail Hell, stuck in a shop all day, we are 100% online and at the beach from now on!
Tokerau Beach - Northland.
We had a really good turn out for the camp and managed a great mix of Kiting, fishing and surfing over the 4 days.
The strongest wind conditions we had were on the first day with a solid 25 knots pushing in.
Wow summer (And Christmas) is coming fast!We had a technical issue on our server and was forced to bite the bullet and build a whole new web site for Anabatic Kiteboarding.
I love building web sites, but like a builders house my own sites never seem to be finished to 100%.