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Top Female Kiter Feature

While searching around on Google for info on RSS feeds I came across the Weblog of Kristin Boese
She is a standout performer in the Womens Kiteboarding scene. Have a read and see for yourself.

Clinton Bolton, BEST Team Rider: You might remember Clinton dropped into NZ with Shannon Best, on their World Tour earlier this year.
Made a few sheep nervous while he was here... (or was that Shannon) anyway, these guys are both great ambassadors for our sport.
Since leaving NZ Clinton gained more exposure with his action packed unhooked riding style while he was in Australia. He manages a spot in a DVD being produced in Aussie.

BEST WAROO Kite review: The new 06 Waroo Flat kite from BEST Kiteboarding USA
by Lee McClelland, Anabatic Kiteboarding.
BEST are a dedicated Kiteboarding company and everyone right up the chain including the owners are Kiteboarders. So their designs are developed to satisfy the needs of truly dedicated riders. Many of the riders at BEST come from a solid wake boarding background. This wake style influence in kiteboarding has pushed the sport to a new level in a very short time frame. The gear of course must stand up to this brutal wake style riding style and the abuse that comes with it. These hard core riders throw moves down hard and fast, and every now and then the kites take a hammering.BEST kites have built their kites tough to suit the riders they like to see riding their gear.
Pro Wakeboarder turned Kiter and founder or the worlds larget Kiteboarding company"Best Kiteboarding"Shannon Best and team rider Clinton Bolton shared a few beers and some wave with the locals in NZ.
Anabatic Kiteboarding has enjoyed solid winds for the last 3 Anabatic Kiteboarding camps, we also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere when the winds were not playing the game or just plain blowing too hard.It's a lot of fun whatever the weather camping at Tokerau Beach, Northland. Check out the photos.
February Session at Waipu.Leaving Anabatic in the capable hands of Jess for a weekend, Trees and I packed up the car and headed to my recently finished house I'd been building at Waipu. (About an Hour and Half North of Auckland).
A few kiters were chasing the wind that weekend and we thought we might all hook up if things went to plan at JP's near Waipu Cove.