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Real riders sharing their stoke on the 2009 BEST Nemesis Kite.

Rider names:
Berwick Douglas
Chris Blake
Paul Moulton

Check this link out. Great wish you were here video clip.

Massive storm hits Auckland.This is the 2nd 'Once in a hundred years' storm this year!
What a wild week!

Wind hitting 97 knots!

A Months rainfall arrives in a day!

What an incredible week. From one Thursday to another we received some of the most incredible conditions here at Orewa Beach. This was for me a great way to get back into the Winter Kiteboarding groove after my trip to Europe.
The hottest new moves and the hottest video clip on the web.

Alvaro Onieva
Check out the hottest name in the world of Freestyle Kiteboarding.
BEST riders are at the top of the international competition scene.
take a closer look to see why. The riding style and complexity of these tricks is fantastic.
Kirstin Boese World Champion and full time Professional Kiteboarder visits NZ
With the wind blasting a solid 30-35knots all day we had to wait until 3pm before deciding where to head for the day. Pine Harbour was our pick, although a bit of a drive out of Auckland we were rewarded with nice conditions of around 20 -25 knots and easing.
A stunnig film sequence of Kiting in NZ mid winter.
The (no wind) Nationals 2007
Anabatic Kiteboarding and a crew of BEST riders shot to Nelson for the 2007 Nationals.
Everyone in Nelson was hyped up for action but the wind was a no show. Much like the last Nationals at Raglan.
So Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw very little in the way of Kite action. A few heats managed to get underway when a puff of wind got the organisers excited, but nothing of any substance arrived for the main event days. The spare day (Monday) was used to run the whole event and get a result for the year.
Aaron Cooper reports in from Europe

Here is what he had to say on his travels so far. Sounds like fun (if you can deal with the crowds).

Thanks for the email Aaron, keep them coming. Its always good to hear from Kiwis traveling around the kite spots.