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While searching around on Google for info on RSS feeds I came across the Weblog of Kristin Boese
She is a standout performer in the Womens Kiteboarding scene. Have a read and see for yourself.

Winning Streak written by Kristin
The competition on Coche Island/Venezuela started off with a big bang! The conditions were great, the water flat, the winds strong and the riders ready.

Everybody loved it€¦me too! I had tried my new Yarga and Yarga Pro and set up the lines and everything and loved the kites from the first minute. Even though I'd never competed with them, I had quite a good feeling. And then it really happened!
I won the freestyle competition and was very, very happy! It is really something special to win the first competition of the season and I was definitely stoked.

Photos of Kristin in action.

I also started in the Slider and Kicker world championship sponsored by Best Kiteboarding, held one day after the freestyle discipline was finished, and I won that one too!

I still had not realized what had happened and I was already on my way back to Germany and straight to a German event called €Å"King of the Coast.€
I was invited as a special guest and it was nice for me to see all the German Kitesurfers again. The conditions were actually nice and even though the water was really, really cold after the warmth of Venezuela, I jumped in and had a great kite session at the event. It was a well-organized festival and a good thing for me to go there. But on the way back I faced some problems€¦ The clutch of my van broke€¦only 300 km away from home. I had to be towed back all the way and was stuck at home afterwards while my car was being repaired. At least I could spend some time with my family and friends, which I enjoyed a lot.
Ten days later my van was fixed and I was on my way to Belgium for the next PKRA stop.

Kristin on the podium in Belgium.

Organizers Nadine and Kim were waiting for us with a huge party tent and some strong winds. With 25 to 35 kph gusty winds we were competing in cold and rainy weather. For sure not our favorite conditions but at least good enough to compete and get a result. And the result was my winning again! Wow!

Now I really need some time to realize what happened the last couple of weeks. I will just relax a bit and stay with my friend Petra in Holland for a bit. The season is going to continue soon and I have to fill my batteries.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Kristin Boese: New Sponsor!

I cannot tell you how excited I am not only because the first competition of the year is about to start€¦no, something even more exciting just happened: I changed kite sponsor! I joined the Best Kiteboarding team and received all my new kites a couple of days ago.
I can tell you, I already had some fun sessions with them. Now being supported by my sponsors Best Kiteboarding,, Mystic and Anton Kiteboards I feel really positive about the upcoming season and I will definitely do my best. Let€"¢s see how things go.
You can check for the results and happenings here on Coche Island on: and

Kristin Boese

Kristin is a former windsurfer who started kiteboarding in 2001. It didn't take long for this German phenom to establish herself as one of the best female kiteboarders on the planet. Last year, she became the PKRA Vice World Champion and is sponsored by BEST, Maui Magic, and Carved Boards. More likely than not, you'll find her on some exotic windy beach. Check her website for reports on her world travels.