Team Rider: Clinton Bolton

picture 48 Clinton Bolton, BEST Team Rider: You might remember Clinton dropped into NZ with Shannon Best, on their World Tour earlier this year.
Made a few sheep nervous while he was here... (or was that Shannon) anyway, these guys are both great ambassadors for our sport.
Since leaving NZ Clinton gained more exposure with his action packed unhooked riding style while he was in Australia. He manages a spot in a DVD being produced in Aussie.

Check out the feature in the last Australian Kiteboarder Mag. Its a wicked photo sequence.

Clinton was born in South Africa and is very well travelled considering he's only about 19 years old.
We wish him all the Best! For his developing Pro career in Kiteboarding. Hope he drops back in on our shores again soon.
He's motivated a few guys into un-hooked riding with their Waroo's.
Amazing what a bit of international flavor can do to spice up the local scene.