Shannon Best Visits New Zealand

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Pro Wakeboarder turned Kiter and founder or the worlds larget Kiteboarding company"Best Kiteboarding"
Shannon Best and team rider Clinton Bolton shared a few beers and some wave with the locals in NZ.

The BEST weekend...

Shannon Best (BEST Kiteboarding) and Clinton Bolton (BEST Team Rider), dropped into Anabatic Kiteboarding on a quick NZ visit.
It's rare if ever, that riders of this level visit New Zealand. So the weekend was an awesome opportunity for everyone to meet and greet a couple of the big names in the sport. It was also a perfect way to show off the latest kite and board designs from BEST Kiteboarding.
The Yarga-Pro, Nemesis-Pro and the new generation of FLAT kite the 'Waroo', were test ridden by everyone who wanted to try the hottest kites on the market.

The weekend was a lot of fun and everyone joined in and had a blast.

Saturday morning the shop filed with riders eager to meet Shannon and Clinton, but after about 30mins and no sign of them everyone headed out to Shakers. Enter Shannon, "Hey guys, what's happening?" Typical.
We grab some lunch, listen to a bunch of sheep jokes and head out to the beach.
Professional photographer Richard Brooks arrives, takes a couple of hundred shots then leaves before the wind arrives. So I dig out my camera and get my girlfriend on the job. She's an excellent photographer and a kiter so we were in luck, the wind arrived and it was all on.

Shannon and Clinton are very easy to talk to and riders made the most of the day quizzing them on everything from riding style to board design. Riders traveled up from Nelson and Wanaka, a huge effort and it was great to see them here making the most of the weekend. With up to 20 kites on the water and 30-40 kiters hanging around the park it was a fantastic turn out for the day, the wind played it's part and picked up to 18-20 knots in the afternoon making for a lot of fun on the water.

The only sore point was that I managed to break my hand, hence the long delay in getting this story online.
It is amazing how fast you can learn to type and video edit left handed.
So it was a quick trip to the emergency dept when I should have been hosting a DVD and beers night at the local surf club. As it turns out by the time I arrive the bouncer on the door had done a fine job of turning everyone away, saying it was some oldies birthday bash. They double booked us! Still the bar manager let what few of us that remained in, and supplied us with free beers to make up for it.
The karaoke going on downstairs was true old nana style, so the night life of Orewa was true to form.

Sunday started slow, getting x-rays on the hand, then off to Muriwai beach 45mins west of Orewa.
Big waves and a moody sky made for a great day. I filmed enough footage to fill some gaps in the Anabatic promo DVD.
And Trees filled another memory card up with pictures on my camera.
The BEST crew took to the waves and enjoyed our wild west coast conditions.

I was super impressed by these two guys coming to NZ. Their passion for the sport, the positive attitude and sheer talent on the water is second to none.We couldn't ask for better ambassadors for the sport. They took the time to talk with anyone that walked up to them to say hi.

Shannon has already indicated he would love to come back.
So here is hoping for a 2nd visit later in the year.

I have put a slide show together of the visit, a short movie.
There are a couple of jumps in just 18-20 knots that are mind blowing.
This footage and more will be added to our Anabatic Kiteboarding 'BEST' DVD.

Slide show Click Here
Shakers Day 1 Movie Click Here


Shannon Best

Shannon riding the Yarga Pro 13m

Shannon riding his Pink 130 Pro board

Lee (me), flying around on my new Waroo

(Clinton & Jess our shop 'Newbie') Jess is the guy to talk to when I'm out for my coffee.
Shannon and Clinton had him packing kites and guiding them around countryside.

16m Waroo... wicked

Clinton going for the unhooked, kite loop, handle pass


Sweet Grab