New web site for 2010 season

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Cool Wow summer (And Christmas) is coming fast!

We had a technical issue on our server and was forced to bite the bullet and build a whole new web site for Anabatic Kiteboarding.
I love building web sites, but like a builders house my own sites never seem to be finished to 100%.

Re building my company web site is not something to take on lightly as I have had to rebuild Anabatic web site a few times over the last decade already. It is a fine balance between dropping all the historical articles and keeping up with the latest information. It's a job that has to be done well, or not at all.

So between storms, lessons and testing out the new 2010 BEST Waroo I managed to  knock out this new web site.
It's a whole new format and is built on an entirely new platform from our old site. I dropped the LDU platform and changed to the latest Joomla CMS.

It will have a fully integrated web store once complete and we will spin our old site off as a separate project or sell it as a going concern. (Make an offer)
That domain could suit a XT Phone store shop or an eXtreme Adventure Sports Store.

So give the site a spin and drop us some feedback please.

Regards Lee