2012 Kite Camp at Tokerau Beach, Waitangi Weekend

2012 Kite Camp at Tokerau Beach, Waitangi Weekend

Hey guys we are heading north to Tokerau beach for Waitangi weekend.
I really hope you can make it as it's been a long time between kite camps.
It would be great to get a bunch of friendly kiters together for some fun in the waves.

If you need a reminder of how good Tokerau beach is for kiting follow the links:


Check out some of the previous Kite Camp sessions at Tokerau Beach....





Anabatic Kiteboarding has enjoyed solid winds for the last 3 Anabatic Kiteboarding camps, we also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere when the winds were not playing the game or just plain blowing too hard.

It's a lot of fun whatever the weather camping at Tokerau Beach, Northland. Check out the photos.

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Tokerau Beach - Northland 2008.
We had a really good turn out for the camp and managed a great mix of Kiting, fishing and surfing over the 4 days.
The strongest wind conditions we had were on the first day with a solid 25 knots pushing in.

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I arrived at the camp threw up the tent and hit the water.

Chris had been on the water for 3 sessions already starting at 8am. And Mark, Rob, Richard, Trevor and the rest of the crew were charging hard. So I was running a bit late.
Thankfully just in time for the best of it.


Trees my fiancee was not able to kite this camp has she is pregnant with our first baby. (Awesome!) So she grabbed the camera and took all the photo's. Oh and also put on a huge spread of Belgian Pankakes for the crew.
Pankakes, beer and Kiting... now that is summer camping kiwi style.

Ok, this is a pic of me boosting some solid air on the 12m Nemesis HP from BEST. With a good 25 knots of wind and my new Crazyfly board I was having a blast. New toys and great conditions, what a day!

Rob kicked off the fishing with a good catch right in front of the campground. this was the start of a fishing frenzy, as we all took a turn in his kayaks and scored so many snapper we ate like kings.

Day 2 and the wind was too light in the morning so we hit the surf and caught a few waves.

Penny and Rob caught more fish, Chris Blair and Richard were chatting up the local birds.

This is Cobber, he climbs down and says 'Ello' if he likes you. A real show off in fact. Kept us entertained, climbed over all the camp gear and liked to be hand fed.

Every day the wind was in we hit the beach.
If the wind was light it was surfing or fishing.

Chris and I were lucky enough to score the kayaks for our first ever attempt at Kayak fishing.
Rob really looked after us, attaching all manner of sharp knives, fish hooks and complicated rigging systems for sea anchors, leash lines to rods and paddles etc.
We knew everything except how to get out over the surf and catch a fish.
But it look like such fun we just nodded and said yes to any confusing things he wanted reassurance to. (A trick I learned from my students). Do you understand,.... YES, nodd.
Anyway we were on the ocean and paddling as fast as possible to clear the waves, while Mark was heading out to surf them.

As soon as we were out the back and feeling like great white shark bait, I wondered if Rob usually did this sort of thing without life jackets. Neither Chris or I were prepared to paddle back thru the surf to ask.

The funny thing was we threw our sea anchors out and sat about 20m apart and were yakking away. When Chris says, oh Rob didn't show me how to cast.
I'm like what?... yeah, Chris "Oh, I've never cast a rod before." And admits he's not been fishing.
This I find hilarious, but flick a cast and show him what I know.
We had these fancy rods just like a trout rod in weight, but specifically designed for kayak fishing with soft baits.
So i lob a cast and BANG the rob bends over in half, Chis hears me roaring "CHECK IT OUT". He shouts back ...Oh it's that easy. "Sure have a go your self", I replied.

In fact it was that easy and we latched onto 5-6 good fish each. Chris was haunted by some spooky groaning while fishing. But on our return to camp they real fishing guys asked if the Gurnard he'd caught had made any weird noises after he caught it. hahaha
It had been sitting behind him tied into the kayak and moaning at him. No wonder he kept calling over from his kayak "Do you hear that?", "Can you hear that", "What is that noise".
It's so funny, sitting out on the ocean going up and over 1.5m swells, covered in blood fron stabbing fish, and your buddy is hearing things.

So that was the best days fishing in my life, no stinky bait either. Then back into the kiting as the wind was pushing in 15knots plus again.

Aubrey rocking up the beach on my Nemesis.
Was great to catch up with everyone.
Lets do it again sometime.




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