Weekend Kitesurfing Sessions


The wind has been blowing pretty good these past two weeks and I've managed to get through a few lessons and hit the water for a few sessions myself.
Here are a few photos taken over the past week.
I'm riding the new KAHOONA V2 & the new TABOO from BEST.

I have a good bit of video coming soon that i will cut down under 2mins long later this week.
Shows the rider perspective that spectators never see from the beach.



Anabatic-Best-Taboo-Tip-roaRiding at Waipu on the new Taboo was fun. Shame there isn't anyone to kite with!
Seriously I prefer a few Kites on the water.

It was fun to get out on the surfboard and tag a few samll waves on the new Taboo.

Definately a performance kite.



Muriwai-1-Friday Colin and I headed over to Muriwai for a session with the Kahoona 9.5 and the Taboo 12.
It was a lot of fun. The heavy beach break was something I kept well away from.
Boosting airs over the waves rather than charging at them seem far more sensible to me.

If you get tagged by a wave at Muriwai you will remember the experience for a long time.
It gets pretty gnarly compared to the east coast.
But inside the shore break it's mirror flat and the surg and suck of the waves in the shallows makes for an amazing day on the water.

Super mirror flat between the waves.


Muriwai-2-air-Muriwai-2kitesMuriwai-3-Muriwai-air-col Muriwai-col-0Muriwai-col-1Muriwai-colMuriwai-k1-



















Saturday was a cracker too, but instead of heading out to Muriwai again I headed out to Shakespeare Bay.
Spring is the best time to kite there as it's tool chilly for swimmers.
Summer it's pretty much banned due to the 1000 or so swimmers lining the bay.

Do however expect to hit the odd fishing net. I came flying off my board as it tangled in a net stretching out from the beach a 100 or so meters.

While I was recovering and untangeling my self from the sticky nylon there was an almight splash behind me. I looked over to see another kiter had sufferd the same fate as me. Of course there was no one to be seen taking owners ship of the net as we would have hapily exchanged words with whoever put a net there.

It's a small bay and Saturday we had 25 kites on the water and another 20-25 covering the beach and reserve.
So quite a sight when you arrived for sure.

I'm sure DOC will try to ban this much fun when they realise people are out there enjoying themselves.







See you on the beach somewhere soon!








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