The Kite to Buy this summer! + Kite Loop Video!

The Best Kites to Buy this summer! + Kite Loop Video!

After 3 awesome weekends of Kiteboarding in a row on Orewa Beach I finally managed to film some action of the new 2009 BEST Nemesis.
Riders have been absolutely loving this new kite. The Twister Tech and Cuben leading edge technology make it a real sporty kite to fly. It's just so much fun. Watch the video and see.
Here is a bit of action filmed the last windy weekend in November on Orewa Beach. 

What is the best kite for me?

The BEST Waroo
This kite is a fantastic performance kite and for good reason the #1 selling kite in the World.
It is a kite that you won't grow out of because it is a performance kite. It is also so safe and easy to ride we are happy to sel it to first time kiteboarders.
Water relaunching is a dream. And the instant depower system offers Double the depower for 1/2 the travel on the control bar.
So it's so quick and easy to manage the power.
No punching out for safety, it's just let the bar slide out on it's own and the power drops away nicely. Advanced riders use this another way, when going for a jump they sheet in and get twice the power for 1/2 the bar action. This makes jumping and wave riding much easier.
All BEST kites are built with surf tough construction and have the finest record in the industry for durability and quality.

The BEST Nemesis
The BEST Nemesis is a high performance kite.
It's ok to learn on but it's not intended for learners.
BEST sum it up well by saying like this. " The Waroo is Excellent to Learn on and the Nemesis is Good to learn on"
So what makes the difference?
The Nemesis is designed around a low drag aerofoil and high performance designs. The shape is all about fast turning, high lift and low drag. The Super thin leading edge with all it's TWISTER TECH panels change how this kite feels in the air.
It's so fast and precise to fly. It moves quickly and easily around in the sky and generates more and more lift the quicker you fly it.
You can just cruise and carve too, have no fear there. But if you want to get a feeling in the jumps like a power band or Turbo just kicked in this is your kite.
The jumps on the Waroo are sensational the jumps on the Nemesis will go higher than you ever dreamed imaginable.
Trust me these are not just my words, many advanced kiters
in New Zealand have all said the same thing.
Simply put this is one performance kite that is so far ahead in design no other kite comes close.
So if you want to upgrade your Waroo after a couple of good seasons riding it, then we have the perfect kite sitting here waiting for you.

I want to upgrade from my old... Cabrinha, Naish, North Kite etc
Great idea! Once riders move off their old brands and onto a new BEST kite, they learn what rider simplicity is. Quite often is the first time they have had a taste for high quality too. So riders are really impressed with the whole package we deliver.
It's the same with our boards... you can choose a lower spec board or you can go with our higher quality Pro Carbon boards and enjoy all the benefits that come with them.
Upgrading old gear is like discovering the sport all over again!

We have stocked many brands over the past 9 years and BEST stands out as the market leader in all areas.
Riders come off other brands or from schools that teach with different equipment to BEST and find the safety systems, quality and performance all much better.
Of course other retailers do not want you to believe this. But it is our experience.
With the ever growing number of BEST kites out there from the largest Kiteboarding company in the World. A company that is exclusively dedicated to development what would you expect?
Seriously, you should do the comparisons and you will find this out for yourself.

BEST kites are as close to perfect as you can get.
Even so, I am surprised that every year the BEST dedicated design team, pushes past these boundaries of perfection and releases the next market leading design.
Upgrade to a new Waroo or Nemesis and you will never look back.

Fresh out of kite school? You will just find everything easier on a BEST Waroo. Every thing you learned still applies, you will just find the safety systems, relaunching and overall feeling much nicer. Not to mention the resale value!
Waroos hold their value incredibly well. that makes it even easier to upgrade the following season.
So simple to set up and fly, you won't miss a beat.
+++ If you buy a rig from us any further training is just $100 at the beach per 3 hr session. That's better than 1/2 price!!!

ANABATIC is the brand - See our Hell Kite model @