Influential People in Kiteboarding

Alex Shogren and Kristin Boese named 2 of the 10 Most Influential People in the History of Kiteboarding
Best riders of course!
2-star-1sm10Alex Shogren (Founder) and Kristin Boese (Womans World Champ)2-star-1sm10
Both named 2 of the 10 Most Influential People in the History of Kiteboarding

The May 2009 issue of Kiteboarding magazine is a Special 10 year Anniversary Issue, which showcases the magazine's top moments over the past 10 years ... best photos, biggest milestones, top tricks, and of course, a list of 10 of the most influential people in the history of kiteboarding.

In addition to the likes of Cory Roeseler, Bruno Legainoux, Lou Wainman, and Robby Naish, we are very proud that Alex Shogren and Kristin Boese have both made it onto the list.

With Alex "Game Changer" Shogren's think-outside-of-the-box mentality, Best was "the first company to offer a money-back warranty in addition to low prices and the option to buy direct. Best made the industry more competitive and helped the sport grow."

Kristin "Ambassador Extraordinaire" Boese - "in addition to promotoing kiteboarding at every competition she attends" - has "also gotten mainstream media outlets around the world to cover her and the sport she loves." Who, afterall, could forget her appearance on the cover of German Playboy in September 2008, or the pictures inside? "By hosting women's clinics around the world and being a role model for female riders, Boese has inspired women to join the sport since she started competing in 2002."

Gavin Butler's stunning photograph of Shannon Best buttersliding a pink Drive board in the Taiba Lagoon at night in 2007 also made the Top photos (page 51), as it "captures the style and creativity that separates Shannon Best from the rest."

Honorable mention goes to Alex Peterson and his infamous pink Bularoo who made it into the issue as the "Most Controversial Photo," with his sequence jump off Eagle's Nest cliff in the Gorge. While some would question if his jump off the cliff is even kiteboarding, the caption says, "or if his kite is made for flights like this" (obviously it IS, we say ... LONG LIVE THE BULAROO!), the magazine got more feedback about the sequence (which you can see on page 88 of the issue) than any other photo.

Congratulation to the five of you, and we hope that you all keep pushing the sport like in the years to come. And for everyone else, make sure to check out the May issue and see what all the fuss is about!

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