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SUP.REDTM is a new project I've been working on and I'm  pleased to finally announce the release of the first two board designs.
We have a new range of paddle boards in development.
While you wait for news of their release... spend a few minutes enjoying this stunning video.
The real NZ Kite brand!
Kiteboarding.RED is our own Kiwi range of Kiteboarding gear and our first kite released is the Skull Kite.
So you want to know how to build your own hydrofoil.
We here is a great step by step insight into what is involved.
The weather forecast showed a small increase of pressure at the Northern end of bream bay was due between 10am and lunchtime.
So I headed off from Waipu arriving 20mins later at Mair Road, just opposite Marsden Cove on Bream Bay.