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February 2014 - The Accident.
February 2015 - The Recovery.
Just listed... Great 2nd hand Kites Priced to Sell.
A real NZ Kite brand!
Now you can RIDE LIKE HELL with a Hell kite.
Hell Board Riders
is our own Kiwi range of Kiteboarding gear and we have just released the Skull Kite.
The weather forecast showed a small increase of pressure at the Northern end of bream bay was due between 10am and lunchtime.
So I headed off from Waipu arriving 20mins later at Mair Road, just opposite Marsden Cove on Bream Bay.
We have introduced a lot of brands itno the NZ market, some made it big some burned brightly then faded away.
CrazyFly is one of those brands that keep getting stronger, bigger and better.
PRESS RELEASE - Extreme Kiteboarder Ruben Lenten signs with Best Kiteboarding!

Project: Extreme Kiteboarding

All days are good, some are just better. Just like this one. I have found the right partner to push extreme kiteboarding to the next level. Stoked with my new partner in 'crime', Best Kiteboarding.
Here is your chance to get your kitesurf gear for seriously low prices.
I have put together the following deal for NZ Kiteboarders.
Give me a call if you want to discuss any details.
Breaking News... Youri Zoon the current PKRA World Champion has signed with BEST Kiteboarding.

Hotter the Hell's Kitchen, ...cooler than Hell's Angels.

Hell Boardriders is a fresh new face in the Kiteboarding industry.
It's definitely not mainstream. Your mamma wont like it... but you will!
Four amazing designs, each with it's own character.
GP - C Kite, KAHOONA - Delta kite, NEMESIS HP - Bow Kite, TS - C shape bridled Kite.
Watch the video to see the the BEST crew having a blast at a recent gathering.
Sir Richard Branson, one of the IKAs Olympic Ambassadors and supporters from the very first minute added: “Well we all flew a kite to get kiteboarding in to the Olympics and unbelievably the kite has landed in Rio!
The Kahoona V3 is now here in New Zealand.
News is breaking all over Facebook with pages of dealers announcing the arrival of new stock.

A couple of riders grabbed the 5.5m kites straight away, sounds like an amazing size to have tucked away in the quiver for those nuking days.
Most others out there I've sold are the 11.5m size. Such a grunty kite it replaces the 13m Waroo for bottom end and the 11m for speed of turn etc.
Saturday was a great day for Kiting here in Auckland. 20 knots of wind or more and an out going tide.
It was good to see so many riders on the water having a blast.
We were riding at St Helliers in central Auckland.
I'm not sure what happend but we had a very unusual delay from BEST, it took 6 weeks before the kites shipped.
Now this might sound short by other brands standards where a 2-3 month lead time is usual, but we are used to BEST dropping kites into NZ within about 2 weeks, sometimes less. Which makes for fantastic stock management. It's like kites on demand. Brilliant!
Anyway, we are back in business with the new KAHOONAS here now and the NZ dollar screaming away to new hights.